numberFire Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2017 App Reviews

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Great app

Great app , I like this app

Game Changer!!

I bought the numberfire fantasy football app a few weeks prior to this years set of drafts and I have to say that it made a HUGE difference. Numberfires use of algorithms to help stack rank players based off of multiple statistics gave me a huge advantage. I would highly recommend this app and will definitely be using the app again next year

Let down

App was great last year. I wish I could say the same this year, but it won't even open. Tried on various devices and it keeps crashing on the startup screen.

Fire Factor - Game Changer

At this point in the year, any knowledge on the NFL is common knowledge, but the Fire Factor is what really sets it apart. This unique scoring system provides a new way to look at the same players that everybody's been over analyzing since last February. Heed the Fire Factor, or wish you did during the Fantasy playoffs.

Don't make changes to league settings

As soon as you do, in mid-daft, you lose all information. Biggest waste of $5 i have ever made.

Good app but

Good app, I like the fire factor feature. The one thing this is lacking, which is why 4 stars, is the ability to change the draft to dynasty rankings as opposed to re-draft rankings. Need that.

Won't open

Just bought this app. Checked compatibility first, and everything looked fine, but the app keeps crashing at the load screen. Haven't gotten it to run a single time. Looks like a waste of 5 bucks.

Confused and disappointed

I didn't realize I wasn't buying the full draft kit with this purchase. This app seems like it could be cool but to be a member charges $20 per month minimum..... wasted my money on this app since all it does is allows for adding rosters from multiple leagues... not sure what the point is when every site allows you to view scoring in real time

Favorite Draft Prep App out there

I purchased multiple draft prep apps from several of the top fantasy football outlets and let's just say this one Dominates the competition. Simple, easy to use interface that allows you to enter your leagues custom settings, including keepers. Love that it has the capability to help prepare me for my auction drafts as well. Clearly worth $5 just from the convenience value alone, not to mention having nF's superior analysis at your fingertips.

Should be called NumberFire Crash kit

Crashes everytime. Have not been able to boot on iPad or iPhone. Complete waste of money.

Better to take a match to $5.00

Crashes instead of opening. My operating system is adequate for the app. No recourse to get refunds on apps thru Apple is bogus.

Real Man of Genius

A tour de force of seamless integration, smooth UI and up to the minute updates gives me the confidence to attack draft day with the vigor of Kevin Kostner.

Great tool for all fantasy users

Helped very much with drafting the team I wanted. Highly recommend to anybody looking to win their fantasy league. The app goes into depth with projections and statistics.

Football season is here

Literally the best app I've seen for fantasy... and I discovered it just in time. It's easy to use and very informative. Can't ask for much else

Awesome app

Definitely recommend if you want a leg up in fantasy

Perfect for any draft

Easy to navigate with all of the projections and articles via numberFire right at your fingertips.

This App is Great; Jim is Not

Although this app is fantastic (best on the market), it is not enough to overcome Jim's debilitating lack of brain cells, good looks, or charisma. In fact, I once saw him eat a freito out of his own a-hole. Need I say more? The guy is a clown and will finish last in every league he plays in, but with the help of this amazing app, he may pick up a win or two along the way!

Eric is going down

Thanks to this app, Eric won't know what hit him this year. Watch out, Eric.

Great App!

I'm in multiple fantasy football leagues, making it tough to keep track of all the different scoring systems, rosters, and available players. This app not only helps me sort through all the craziness, but also helps me prep for each draft individually allowing me to jump between the different formats to create the best possible teams.

The best draft app bar none

Not sure what I'd do without the 2017 draft kit. By far the best app out there. Well worth the $5 price point.

Great customizable app!

Perfect for any fantasy league, fully customizable

Draft Savior

Have completely zoned out all preseason/draft and had a lot of catching up to do. The draft kit helped me get oriented very quickly without crawling the web for all the information

Amazing app!

Looking for a leg up this fantasy season, get this app. They have the most detailed projections for players and update statistics immediately. User-friendly interface that makes it quick and easy to find the information you need.

great app for dads with kids and no time.

for the first time in years, i will feel confident at this years draft. mostly because of this app. and slightly because i've corrected some personal hygiene issues of my own.

Great app!

I've never won any money in fantasy football, but I've also never used the numberFire Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2017! This year will be different!! I like the convenient roster features in the app, and also football. Would purchase again!

Even better than last year!

Do you love the Numberfire 2016 draft kit, but you're tired of using rosters from last year? If so, then the Numberfire Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2017 is the tool for you! I love being able to add Marshawn Lynch to my list of targets, or not having to worry about being the fool who drafts Roddy White in the ninth only to find out that he's retired. When it comes to providing the most up to date fantasy analytics, no one beats numberfire! ...but actually, though. $6 is way cheaper than most other draft kits (looking at you, ESPN In$ider) and this one is way more useful. If you can afford to be in a fantasy league, you can afford to sacrifice the cost of a Jamba Juice every year for the best tool on the market.


Great App!

Great app for fantasy football

App provides great information and advice on drafting a top team in fantasy football. The information has been invaluable to me giving updates on players I'm familiar with and scoops on guys I don't know.

Love this draft kit

Its the only app I know that consistently updates its projections/rankings as we get closer to the regular season. I just hope my league mates don't get a hold of this before we draft.

The Champ is Here

What a great tool for my fantasy draft. Just give me the championship now. Only thing I'd recommend is a "block" feature anytime somebody tries to draft a New York Jet

Best one out there hands down!

The best drafting kit out there..Let's you assign keepers to there team and very user friendly..

Draft kit

Super helpful for my draft because it is always updated with the latest player info.

Great app

Thought this app was super helpful in prepping for my fantasy draft. Really cool features that work well and help keep track of players for an optimal lineup!

Great draft kit app

This is a fantastic draft kit. Love the consistent projections updates and the ability to keep track of players I'm interested in. Will be using on draft day.

Keeps me focused

This app helps me keep everything organized during a hectic draft. Definitely one of the more useful draft kits out there

The Perfect Companion

Exactly what I was looking for to assist me this upcoming season. Easy to use, intuitive, and insightful. Numberfire has been incredibly helpful for my MLB daily fantasy competitions this past year and I fully expect the same level of assistance from this app. Highly recommend.

Best analytics and rankings in an easy to use app!

This app easily has the best fantasy analytics out there, but they also let you customize rankings for your league's scoring system! They make comprehensive stats easy to use!

Very Useful

Finally I can win my fantasy leagues!

Great projections

Always help me get ahead of the competition - app works great and is a must have during draft day

Great Service

nF consistently gives the best fantasy information available online. Can't wait for football this year!


No Mock drafts. Difficult to use.

goat draft app

goat 🐐

Everything I Need

This is my 2nd year using the numberFire Draft App, and I love it. It is awesome to have everything all in 1 app. The updated projections and customizability make it the perfect all-in-one helper for any fantasy football player

Huge help!

The only thing I'll need to dominate my league again!

Super dope

The #1 draft kit app I've seen out there, my secret weapon for fantasy drafts every year

Very helpful for auction leagues

I do auction and very few apps or sites can give me accurate values for those. This app helps adjust my rankings so I dont overpay for anyone. Easy to use too

Outstanding as usual

Nothing gets ne ready for football than Numberfire. Its is outstanding and so easy to use

Won my league last year with this app

Amazing resource with projections, player news, comparing players, making lineups, articles, etc. A must have for your season long draft, and great for picking your DFS lineup every week.

5 Stars ✋🏼

Definitely looking forward to prepping for my leagues with this piece of magic by my side this year.

Great App

Helped me out a lot last year

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